Argyle Pink Diamonds

Nugent and Andrea Jewellers® are the Largest stockist of Pink Diamonds in Country New South Wales.
Fancy pink diamonds were once available only to royalty. The tender offers conducted by Argyle Diamonds offer a way – albeit an expensive one – for anyone to acquire them. Of course, the rarity of colour affects prices. The pricing of pink and red diamonds is rarely disclosed in public, though it's not uncommon to be hundreds of thousands of dollars per carat.
Many are familiar with colourless diamonds, which also demand premium prices.  But why are some diamonds pink?  Their scarcity prohibited their study in the past.  Recently, the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory received numerous pink diamonds for examination and reports, which enabled coloured diamond expert John King and his colleagues to study a total of nearly 1,500 pink diamonds, in the most exhaustive research to date on these goods.
Availability also is a factor. Production of pinks is on a downward trend, in spite of the recent rehabilitation of the Argyle mine and resulting extension of its lifespan. Still, tender offers are expected to continue for some years to come.
The extreme scarcity of pink diamonds has meant that only a privileged few have owned them in the past.  It is this scarcity, coupled with their beauty, that has made them a high-demand item at the world’s top jewellery auctions.  In 1994, Christie’s in Geneva sold a 19.66ct.